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Celebrating 10 years in business this year!! Opening our first clinic in Cork before branching out. Advanced Laser Light is the longest established clinic of its kind in Ireland.
"We are unique because we are the only Irish clinic to concentrate solely on the field of pulsed light technology".

Advanced laser light is an exclusive branch of clinics in Cork, Limerick and Dublin that specialise in a revolutionary form of laser therapy, which can treat the removal or unwanted hair for both men and women on face and body, and many skin conditions including Acne both adult and teenage which is clinically tested and safe.
Thread Veins and diffusion of high colour, excess Pigmentation and skin rejuvenation, which greatly improves the clarity of the skin.

Consistently training therapists whilst upgrading technology and sharing our extensive experience with Intense Pulsed Light systems is something, which is valued highly at Advanced Laser Light.

"With our wealth of experience and because we specialise solely in aesthetic laser treatments we can proudly announce that Advanced Laser Light is the leader in the field of laser therapy."
Consultations are performed on a one to one basis in a luxurious and privately located environment free of charge.

Being the leaders in the field of Laser Therapy Advanced laser Light have recognised for some time now that unwanted hair is a very common problem , and we want to make our laser treatment a necessity for all individuals both men and women, at new restructured affordable prices to celebrate our ten year anniversary .
"As we the experts say why wax forever when laser lasts forever"



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